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Picture technology in the classroom.jpg
Picture technology in the classroom.jpg

Why Choose Us

Because we are Effective Education Integrators, providing Tech-Ed Turnkey Solutions with full training and support.

Hands-on Experience

We have tens of years of combined experience helping schools, institutes, and individuals achieve their goals.

Hybrid Teaching

We provide Tech-Ed solutions that empower teachers, combined with a new pedagogy that the students love.

Global Partnerships

We create partnerships with the best providers and developers to proved you with the best Turnkey solutions.

Our Popular Courses

Always Easy to Teach and Fun to Learn...

Transaparent LOGO GEE.png
Transaparent LOGO GEE.png
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A new approach to learning how to actually SPEAK English, combining new methods with Ed-Tech solutions.

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Watch how the LabLess Lab can make Science Fun and Understandable, drawing more students to STEM.

Our Expert Trainers

Years of Hands-on Experience in STEM, English, Management and Implementation

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Solly Tamari
CEO and Co-Founder

Serial Impact Entrepreneur, 25 years C 
Level Experience in Science, Technology &  
Education, in Israel and the US. Received a  
Congressional Award in Education.

Picture Tal Shaked Teaching.jpg

Tal Shaked
VP Pedagogy and Co-Founder

BA in Special Education and English Teaching, and an MA in Multilingual Teaching. A remedial teaching expert and Classroom Teacher. Developer of an English App. 


What everyone says about us


…I was looking for something that would boost the students’
interest in science, and the Science Wizards program has done
that. The program is easy to implement and doesn’t require a
lot of time…

Pat Bryant – Principal, PS39, Jersey City, NJ

I was really impressed with how quickly the 4H youth
were drawn to the experiments. I even used the
experiments on Friday, in the Juvenile Detention Center. The youth there hate school with a passion and they
were really getting in to it! Staff has never seen them so
excited to an activity as they were to it.

Jim Jordan - Extension Agent-4-H Youth
Development, Ohio State University, OH

I think of the brain as a weapon, and knowledge as its
ammunition. I like the fact that I have fun when I go out
there, having all our people do their demonstrations,
making a few laughs and smiles in the crowd. It gets
everybody excited and interested in learning…

Lloyd – 8th Grade Student (and Junior Science
Wizard), Jersey City, NJ

I find that the students want to understand the
principles involved in each activity. They, like myself,
are visual, hands-on learners. What a great program!

Jeanie Carmody, LSW, Highlands Junior High,
Baytown, TX

More Testimonials

CIS JSWP assisted our students in reaching milestones such as:

90% improved their academics

90% improved attendance

100% improved in behavioral measures

100% of 7th graders surveyed said CIS-JSWP has increased their interest and knowledge of science

Jeanie De Leon, Gutierrez Middle School, Cameron
County, TX

All 12 raised their grades in Science by at least a letter grade.
For a number of students this made the difference between
passing and failing for the year. All of the students have
agreed to mentor the program for next year to help train the
new Junior Science Wizards… In fact, these “C” students
were so excited by their newfound ability, they agreed to
present to the Gifted and Talented Science class. This was the best presentation as it gave even more confidence to my “C” students, as the “GT” students were curious why they had not been chosen for the group.

Julie Strentzsch, E.T. Warren Middle School, San
Antonio, TX

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