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English Teacher


Student Centered, Hybrid Tech-Ed, Personalized Learning

Why Choose Us

Because we are Effective - we will help you achieve your goals!

Teachers Become Facilitators

Teachers are given tools and methods to become Classroom Managers, guiding the learning process, including receiving constant information and feedback.

Increase Spoken English Time 10X

Using innovative pedagogical methods and the use of Bots, and Voice Recognition Applications, with real-time feedback.

Integration of the Best Solutions

We collaborate with other quality developers and integrate their solutions with ours, so that it is easy for you to implement them.


Yair (Translated from Hebrew)

First of all Solly is an amazing person, very pleasant and attentive, gives a pleasant feeling in the lesson and teaches according to the relevant level .. Already after a few lessons I encountered the need to speak English in a meeting I attended, and just ... I spoke .. Solly helped me deal with the fear of speaking English in the first place. There was an important point that I needed to overcome, just talk about what I already know .. Later we focused on certain points where I needed reinforcement and each lesson practiced and focused. Regardless, Solly contributed a lot to me from his life experience as a manager and in high-tech and helped me prepare for job interviews in Hebrew and English - something that helped me a lot to get hired :) Both English and life, highly recommend!


Zlil (Translated from Hebrew)

I have been studying with Solly for over two years, a lesson every week and thanks to him I gained a lot of confidence in writing and speaking. Solly has a special method in which he adapts the learning to your needs and also knows how to identify what will make you sound and speak more like a mother tongue and more professional! But what really sets Solly apart is that he comes with a rich experience in the business and entrepreneurial world which really helped me get hired at WIX, by accompanying me in building my resume, going over the homework I got and preparing for interviews. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to be better at English and also on the way to become a professional!

Adi (Translated from Hebrew)

Solly is a really great teacher. It teaches in a method that works on training the brain to change common patterns and mistakes we have in the English language. In the first lesson we set ourselves goals on how to improve my English level and I already feel, after a few lessons, that there is an improvement in both my confidence in conversation and writing. Seeing results so fast it really makes you want to keep training. Even though I train quite a bit, I do not feel it is difficult. This is the beauty of Solly's method. Training, and the mind absorbs alone. At first I did not think it was possible to improve my English level so quickly. I tried on several occasions and it did not work (still, I have a routine, I work and mom) but Solly made the lessons fun and when you see results you want to continue! Highly recommend.

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